Minneapolis, MN

Loch Ness MPLS, designed by Brian Ness, a Minnesota artist, houses an online portfolio, news, updates and personal blog.

About Us

Hi, I'm Brian.

I started LochNessMPLS in 2014. I love to draw and to make things.  I also have a passion for retail. I was looking for something to work on to keep me motivated, to keep me creative, and to make me feel like I'm working toward a little something of my own. I also had stacks of drawings stored in sketch books and was looking for the right outlet to share them with people.

My day job is in retail, where I do a slew of merchant and inventory management tasks. I love this, but I love drawing and making and creating more. LochNessMPLS lets me do both - the creating and the managing. I love it, I have a blast doing it, and it's great to see that others seem to enjoy it, too!

I have a crew of wonderful, weird, smart and silly people who help me do the work. We are based in the Minneapolis area, and we love Minnesota.

Thanks for your interest, and for taking some time to learn a little more about us!

Here's the rest of my LochNessMPLS family:



Paula is Director of Marketing, President of Sourcing, and self-appointed SVP of HR. She harasses us and sometimes makes us uncomfortable. But she also makes us laugh. A lot. So we keep her around.


Jon is SVP of Vintage Sourcing. He is also the personal chef. And the nicest guy I know.



Malibu Casey is our unbelievably talented stylist and lifestyle photographer. He keeps us on our toes and makes sure every day is "more is more". Check out his work at!


Dave is the master product shot photographer. And the pack leader. And the bicycle specialist.


Neil is in charge of licking. And sleeping. And being a total prince.


Stanley is in charge of scruff. And mischief. And being unbelievably cute. He does a really really good job.