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The 1st Annual LochNessMPLS Thanksgiving Coloring Contest!

Brian Ness

I am from the Minneapolis area, which means Thanksgiving and coloring go hand in hand.


Let me explain.


The Star Tribune, the Minneapolis area newspaper, has a coloring contest every Thanksgiving. Since basically I could hold a crayon, I would be the first to run to the doorstep to pick up the paper and spend all morning watching the Disney parade on television and painstakingly coloring in every feather of the Oh, You Turkey color page.

image via

image via

I love this turkey. I still fight my nieces and nephews for the turkey page.


So, I figured, as I am getting Loch Ness on its feet, I would continue the tradition!

Here you have it, folks, the 2014 Turkey!

Color it, write on it, do whatever you want to it, and upload your turkey to the LochNessMPLS Facebook page by 10pm on Thanksgiving night! My lovely judges (the dogs) and myself will pick 1 lucky winner who will receive an extra special prize!

Have fun, and gobble gobble!