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Doodle Tuesday - Happy Pride!

Brian Ness

Lately I have been doing some drawings that are inspired by Medieval tapestries that feature unicorns. Specific, right? You'll see more, later. But I thought this would be the perfect image to celebrate Pride week!

Pride is one of those incredible times where we take a step back and realize how far we have come. It is a powerful weekend, where we remember those who stood up and fought back for equal treatment. It's also a time to celebrate the things that we all-too-often have been told we shouldn't be celebrating.

I won't be partaking in the pride festivities this year, since I am still exploring Europe. But, with Jon by my side, I am proud, nonetheless. And most likely will be dancing to Sylvester all the same.

Here's a couple great unicorn items that I found on etsy:

Medieval Tapestry Unicorn Felt Mobile by BrightlyHude

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Pride Week!



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