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Doodle Tuesday - Halloween Party Prep

Brian Ness

As soon as the wedding was done, many friends asked me if I felt sad that I didn't have anything to plan.

Well, we ALWAYS have something to plan! If anything we were panicked because our Halloween Party was only 3 weeks away!

Last year, we rolled out the color theme, with a Black and White party. This yea we added one - so the party will be Black White and Red. I have to admit the colors made me nervous, because I love Halloween, but I hate gore. So how do I come up with a great decor story that doesn't go for the bloody?

Well, what about Tiki Party at the Devil's house?

The idea sticked. Luckily there were some last Tiki items at a few local party stores that helped with the decor, but I knew I would have to leverage illustrations to really tell the story. The above image was a part of our invitation. Here's the concept I am toying with for the photo backdrop:

I'll be busy for the next couple weeks, but I love the way things are coming together!

Keep an eye out for more glimpses of the party planning!