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Iris Apfel - Legendary Tastemakers Closer Look

Brian Ness

Let's start by talking about my favorite tastemaker - Iris Apfel.

Iris is a living legend - still in her nineties, Iris works, lectures, models and shares her thoughts about fashion, design, and life.

Iris began her career studying art and art history, and then worked for Women's Wear Daily, and as an interior designer. She helped renovate the White House for 9 presidents, and was even featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! She sells her own jewelry and fashions, and sometimes appears on the Home Shopping Network! Over the past few years, Iris has been getting a lot of attention. She is oftentimes showcased on the fabulous blog, Advanced Style, and rumor has it that a documentary about her and her husband will have its theatrical release in 2015! (created by the Maysles, the guys who made Grey Gardens!)

I first stumbled upon Iris Apfel in an article in the New Yorker and was instantly obsessed. Her photograph hangs above my drawing table. I love her spirit, her irreverence, and her use of color.

You can purchase Iris HERE!