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David Bowie - Legendary Tastemakers Closer Look

Brian Ness

Here's where things start getting a little strange....

And definitely Fabulous!

I guess I always knew who David Bowie was. As a child of the 80's, I remember David's face, eyes, and voice in popular culture, singing alongside Queen, or dancing around in Labyrinth. I noticed him, but I didn't pay all that much attention.

That is, until I finally got around to watching Velvet Goldmine. Velvet Goldmine is this film by one of my favorite directors, Todd Haynes. Now, it's not a film about David Bowie exactly... it follows this fictitious, gender-bending glam rock icon, Brian Slade who has an space-age alter ego. It's fabulous. It's outrageous. It's crippling. And it's also about cultural legends. I find this film so so wonderful, and the second I saw it, I became obsessed with the history and the mystery of David Bowie.

David has a whole slew of accomplishments, and a ton of really really great songs. he is married to Iman, which, how cool is that?

Bowie started changing the ways we saw fashion and what's fashionable for men. All the glitter and the glamour started making people question the role of men in fashion. I love that about him.

You can purchase David HERE!