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John Waters - Legendary Tastemakers Closer Look

Brian Ness

Now there's a bad egg in every crew, right?

When I started compiling a list of tastemakers, I instantly thought John Waters needed a spot in Series 1. Who else has taught is more about BAD taste than John Waters?

Waters, whose madcap odes to Baltimore have been adored and ignored since the 70's, has taught America a lot about what they like and what they don't. The films explore the misfits and weirdos throughout Baltimore, and feature plenty of gross-out scenes (smell-o-vision! people eating dog poop! murder-by-frozen-meat!).

I fell for Waters in college when I watched Female Trouble for a paper I was writing. Since then, I've made it almost entirely through the cannon. Because of Waters, I never think of parking at JoAnn Fabric the same way.

Sometimes tastemakers are there to show us what we don't like, and maybe ask ourselves why we don't. John Waters does that, while making us laugh.

You can find Jon HERE!