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Little Edie Beale - Legendary Tastemakers Closer Look

Brian Ness

The Fashion. The tenacity. The Kennedy Family. The Cats.

There are so many reasons why I am ob.sessed. with Grey Gardens.

I first learned about the 1975 documentary about Little Edie and her mother Edith, and their crumbling Hamptons home, Grey Gardens, right around when the musical based on the documentary was opening on Broadway. My good friend, Casey, and her family went to see it and couldn't stop talking about it. Naturally I was curious and was lucky to come across a copy.

From the opening line all the way until the final shot, my jaw was open. These women are incredible. These women are delusional. And more than anything, Little Edie had her own sense of self and sense of fashion, which I truly admired.

Every 4th of July I have to watch the flag dance. Every time I hear about a Libra's horoscope, or see a magnifying glass, I am immediately taken back to those crumbling, cat-infested walls.

In my eyes, Little Edie was truly a legend. Lord knows she was in her own eyes, too!

You can find Little Edie HERE!