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Let's Go To The Movies: IRIS

Brian Ness

With a poster like this, who wouldn't want to see this movie?

With a poster like this, who wouldn't want to see this movie?

Last night it rained. It was just the excuse I needed to get Jon to the movie theater to see Iris, the new Maysles documentary about my favorite, Iris Apfel.

Spoiler alert - I loved it.

I've written many times about my love for Iris Apfel, the ultimate Legendary Tastemaker, and, as she calls herself, a true Geriatric Starlet. I've made crafts about Iris. My imaginary future daughter is named Iris. I even have a photo of Iris framed and hanging above my drawing table!

So, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few of my thoughts, and some things that others are saying about the film.

The film is an 83 minute lovesong to a creative, joyful, hard working kid trapped in a 90-year old's body, and her Pussycat, Carl, the amazing man who has been by her side for her entire life. These two are incredible. They both get such a kick out of each other, and a kick out of life.

It was Carl, and not Iris, that surprised me most. And the surprise came via the hand of Albert Maysles, the acclaimed documentarian, and half of the duo who created one of my other favorites, Grey Gardens. The best part of Iris is the joy you receive when you watch her. And that's what you see through Carl. I thought a lot about the last shot of the film (and similarly, the last shot of the bonus content through the credits.) You leave the film not seeing Iris looking fantastic or surprising. You leave the film seeing Carl admiring Iris as she walks through their home and into another door. Carl sitting, sipping his tea through a fantastic mug covered in cats, and happy to see his best girl doing what she does best - viewing the world in new ways, and making things a little bit brighter and a lot more interesting.

Maysles has such a wonderful way of looking beyond eccentricity and finding the true motivation for fashion and self-expression.

Here are a couple of my other favorites from the film:

  • In comparison to the Apfel apartments (we see two in the film), our house looks minimalist!
  • Seeing Iris work is really remarkable. Specifically, the scene where she is styling mannequins at Bergdorfs
  • Their lifesize Ostrich in their apartment that is actually a BAR! (Flip up the wing and his belly is filled with booze!) Not only is this ostrich amazing, but I love that she decorated him with a drunk Kermit the frog wearing pink sunglasses!
  • The songs Carl sings about Iris

Interested in seeing more? Check out the trailer:


Well, enough about my muse. Who gets you inspired more than anybody else? I'd love to hear about them!