Minneapolis, MN

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Legendary Primer - An Introduction

Brian Ness

legendary primer copy.jpg

So, I have a new project in mind, and I'd love for you to follow along!

As I have been determining how and when I should engage with this blog, I thought it could be interesting to put myself up to a challenge - find something that I can consistently draw and share.

LochNessMPLS is all about storytelling and about retelling old tales and legends in new ways. It's about making the same old stories new and relevant and everyday. Now that's a lot to draw about!

My mind went to those old-school Primers that were used to teach people to read. You know the ones - A is for Apple, etc etc. What if I came up with something that fits with LochNessMPLS to coincide with every letter of the alphabet, and then share a little bit about each character, creature, or myth?

So, let's do it!

Every Thursday I will post a new drawing and a little description. I'd love for you to follow along, share your thoughts, maybe make your own story or drawing of the character or a new character for the letter!

And maybe just follow along to see what I end up doing for all those tricky letters - I'm looking at you, Q, X, Z....