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May Etsy Finds

Brian Ness

Etsy really is filled with incredibly talented people! I thought it would be a good idea to share with you a few shops that are inspiring me right now!

I encourage you to take a look at each shop, click on the links I've provided, buy the stuff you love, and support small businesses!



Gunnaydri has these fantastic scandinavian pillow characters that blow me away! I love her simple blocks of color and great geometric shapes! It's fun to see someone do something similar to what I do, but that feels totally different!

Viking Child

Quill and Fox

Quill and Fox is my total hero. I am absolutely obsessed with her work! Her colors are fantastic, her subject matter is witty and interesting. (and I mean, another shop with a Krampus card? How could I not love them?) I am so impressed. It's hard to only pick three favorites, but I had to grab just a couple!

Lord Ampersand Card




Midwest represent! Moglea's work is absolutely stunning! Her colors are rich and beautiful, and her text is so striking. I really like when her work gets a little moody and saturated.

Honeybell Thanks


So what have you found lately? Anything you are really excited about? i'd love to hear!

Happy Etsy-ing!