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Doodle Tuesday - Adventures Await!

Brian Ness

We are headed off to Europe today! I am so excited for a getaway. I have a few posts scheduled while I am gone, so do check back! I will also share some of the trip highlights when we return in 2 weeks!

I've always liked hot air balloons. I had a big one hanging in my bedroom as a kid, and I loved to put my favorite toys in its basket, like they got to go on their own special journey. Over the last few years of my dad's life, he had tickets to go on his own ride. It took numerous attempts for teh right weather conditions to let him finally ride, but at last he did. Now they always remind me of new adventures that will happen just when the elements are right.

Here's a few hot air balloon finds from etsy:

Set of 8 Hot Air Balloon Prints, Balloon Illustration wall art wall decor wall hanging balloon picture, hot air balloon decor by DottyDictionary

Happy Tuesday, and hope you have some adventures headed your way as well!


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