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Doodle Tuesday - #LoveWins

Brian Ness

Wow, what a great end to the week, huh?

I heard the news while we were sunbathing on the beach in Nice - Paula checked her facebook and yelled with glee! Tears came to my eyes. To think of how much things have changed in just a short time?

Weddings are top of mind. We were in Europe for Paula and Dave's (More on that, soon) and now that we are back, we are less than 3 months away from our own. It's incredible to know that not only can Jon and I can get married in Minnesota, but now anywhere within the country.

Obviously, I had to doodle about it!

Don't mind the crap scan job. I'm having scanner problems at the moment.


Here are a couple other Same-Sex Wedding items currently on etsy!

Same Sex Custom Wedding Cake Toppers by FacciDesigns

Happy Tuesday!



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