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Doodle Tuesday - Curiosity Shopping in Paris

Brian Ness

I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of Paris. It is lovely, yes, and every street is charming, and I completely understand why it captivates so many. Just for whatever reason, I like it a lot, but I don't love it.

I did, however find some things that I truly LOVE about Paris.

Here are my top 3 things to do in Paris if you were to go right now.

            Take a visit to Deyrolle. It is this bizarre, brilliant curiosity shop/natural history museum/wonderful place. I am SO glad that Gail over at Blackbird Cafe recommended us take a spin. I loved it! it was so weird! No pictures were allowed, and I am so bummed (I may have snuck a couple) because there were SO many things to see! It inspired my doodle today - from the front window, which didn't have a No Photography sign in front of it, so I think it's ok!

            Take the Fat Tire Night Bike Tour through Paris. It is WAY cooler than I expected. My favorite part was whizzing through the Louvre! Paula and Dave met on that bike tour when Dave used be a guide, and since we were in France for their wedding, we thought it was only appropriate. You wear reflective vests the entire time, but it's ok!

            I was really glad I finally made it to Merci, this beautiful concept shop full of great items. It was wonderful, but nothing compares to BHV, this huge, weird department store. Almost an entire floor dedicated to journals and pens, tons of decoupage stuff, the kitchen assortment was gorgeous, and then there's a whole floor of lumber! It's like PaperSource, Williams Sonoma, Home Depot, and Crate and Barrel rolled into one beautiful store! It's also only about 2 blocks from Notre Dame, so that's a win, too!

Finally, here are a couple of photos.

Next week's doodle will be inspired by our time in the South of France!

Happy Tuesday!