Minneapolis, MN

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Doodle Tuesday - The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Brian Ness


I think there are 2 types of Minnesotans - those who live for the State Fair, and those who wouldn't be caught dead at the fair. I have to admit, I veer toward the latter, but the State Fair still has many great icons, and is definitely an iconic tradition! There's also plenty of great things to draw about at the fair!

My favorite part of the fair, when I do go, is definitely the butter sculptures. What young, pretty farmgirl doesn't want their bust carved out of butter? I heard that Princess Kay of the Milky Way (that's the title of the girl chosen each year to be carved) gets to keep the bust, and that oftentimes they serve their butter head at their wedding! I only have 4 weeks until my wedding... think I have enough time to learn how to sculpt? Jonny would look GREAT in Dairy!

If you are in Minnesota, and you happen to make it to the fair, look for the Piccadilly Prairie booth, and see my Paul and Babe plush, and my Paul Bunyan cards (newly printed, and in new packaging, I might add!). While you are there, eat a cheese curd for me. But only if they are from the Mouse Trap booth in the food building!

Happy Tuesday!