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Legendary Primer - Q is for Queen Cleopatra

Brian Ness

img014 copy.jpg

I couldn't think of a Queen in history that's nearly as legendary as Cleopatra - Egyptian pharaoh who became intertwined with the Roman empire. There are so many well-known stories of her life - her relationship with Julius Caesar, her love life with Marc Anthony, and of course the whole bit about the snake. One unverified, but pretty amazing story about her life involves a bet with Marc Anthony. She bet him that she could spend 10 million sesterlii on dinner. He said to prove it, so she hosted a dinner. The first course was quite common, and Marc Anthony began joking with her about how ridiculous the challenge was. The second course appeared and it was only a cup of strong vinegar. But before Marc Anthony could say anything, Cleopatra dropped her pearl earring into the cup and it dissolved instantly. Then she drank it, and won the bet!