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Legendary Tastemakers Series 3

Brian Ness

They're here!

6 new friends have joined the Legendary Tastemakers crew, and I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to each of them! (and see the beautiful photographs by Malibu Casey!)


Audrey Hepburn

Few things laid such an impression on a young me as the image of Holly Golightly frocked in a black dress by Givanche, sipping coffee from a paper cup, and staring into the window at Tiffany's. I can't believe it took me this long, but of course Andrey had to be a part of the Tastemakers family! There are so many iconic Audrey looks, but Breakfast at Tiffany's had to be the one!

Don't you just want to put on a tiara and eat a croissant with her?


Oscar Wilde


Everyone needs a little more wicked sophistication in their lives, and I think Oscar Wilde is just the right one to bring it! Not only do I love Wilde's stories and way with words, but I am amazed by Oscar's impeccable suits, lavish coats, and green carnation at his lapel. If I could have a drink with someone dead or alive, Oscar would be a good candidate, but no matter what I wore, he would probably make fun of me!

Grace Jones

Few are as fierce, strange, or talented as the incredible Grace Jones! Her gender-bending, multicultural, multidisciplinary personality has been an inspiration to so many artists. She was a Bond girl, a disco queen, a model, and even a guest at PeeWee's Playhouse! I wanted to be sure her Tastemaker doll showed a bit of the body paint that once was provided by Keith Haring, as well as that iconic face structure!


One of the first international supermodels, and the face of the 60's, Twiggy is most definitely a style icon. Known for her boyish haircut, dark eye makeup, thin frame, flat shoes, and mod, bright, graphic clothing.

Bob Fosse


The Razzle-Dazzle ladies man himself, Bob Fosse has captivated me since a very early age. Best known for creating and choreographing such iconic musical theater pieces as Cabaret and Chicago, turning Liza Minnelli into a star through Cabaret and Liza with a Z, and creating a style of movement all in itself. Hunched shoulders, pigeon toes, bowler hats, white gloves - his mix of vaudeville tricks, leggy girls, and the most subtle of movements are iconic pieces of the Fosse brand. For his doll, I depicted him in rehearsal-mode, wearing his desert boots and a cigarette ever-dangling from his lip.

Edith Head

Most of my favorite cinema moments were created by Edith Head - the brilliant costume designer behind Sunset Boulevard, White Christmas, The Birds, Roman Holiday, and the totally crazy What A Way To Go! Such an incredible career, with no formal training, Edith is a definite inspiration to me. Think about some of your favorite movie moments, and see if Edith is behind yours, too! (And see What A Way to Go if you haven't. It's the silliest!)


So, what do you think of the new additions? Any favorites? Any requests for the next batch? Let us know!