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Baby's First Repeat Pattern

Brian Ness

Last week, I shared about my time at Midwest Craft Con, and ever since my time at the conference, I have been basking in the after-glow and riding on the thrill of new experiences. I forgot how invigorating it can feel to learn something new, especially when that something has been one you have been curious about for quite some time.

One of the biggest skills I learned while in Ohio was how to turn my illustrations into repeat patterns (thanks to my dear friend, Allison), and I finally sat down this weekend to put it to task! 

Here are the original hand drawings that I created:

Allison taught me a whole slew of skills regarding turning my hand-drawn illustrations into digital files, so after a lot of manipulation and hours of clean-up, the drawings were ready to be laid out in a repeat pattern.

Now I have the pattern together, and can adjust colors and sizes, and turn it into all types of things! If only we had a dining room - I'd cover the walls in Nessie toile!

Here's an example of the final pattern:


I am really excited to try out all sorts of new patterns and ways to change my drawings. I am also really excited to figure out what new skills I want to try to learn next!

I found this article of  13 Cheap (or Free!) Online Classes You Can Take to Boost Your Digital Skills and a lot of them seem pretty neat. Want to learn something new with me?

Happy Monday