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Legendary Primer - F is for Fairy

Brian Ness

Now, all of you are pretty well versed in fairies. Some of you may even consider yourselves ones! The term typically refers to "good folk" or "fair folk" - gentle, mystical creatures who are good-natured. Some legends state that fairies are dead souls, others consider them some form of demon. Still others find them their own species entirely separate from humans or angels.

I personally like my fairies with a little sass, which is why Tinkerbell is the best!

Legendary Primer - E is for Eros

Brian Ness

Eros, son of Aphrodite, is the Greek god of love. Most know is Roman counterpart, Cupid. This little trickster does all sorts of things to make people love each other - most of the time illicitly! He has known to meddle between gods and men. Sometimes he is depicted as a blindfolded child, and is the precursor to cherubs and cute little chubby angels (which is how I depicted him) but in earlier images, Eros was sleek and handsome!

Legendary Primer - D is for Dragon

Brian Ness

Yes, you all know what dragons are. But they are pretty important creatures when you think about the stuff of legends! Dragons have 2 origins - in Asia and in Europe. This dragon has bat-like wings, which means it's rooted in European traditions. Chinese dragons tend to look more like snakes. Dragons are thought to be wise - wiser than humans. Some legends say it's the dragon that taught humans to talk!

Legendary Primer - C is for Chupacabra

Brian Ness

Hide your goats!

C is for Chupacabra, which literally means goat-sucker! Appearances of the Chupacabra were noted around 1995 in Puerto Rico. Similar sightings have occurred across the Americas, with sightings as far North as Maine. They are mean little things, who love to attack livestock - particularly goats. They are said to be about the size of a small bear, and feature signature spikes that run down their spine.

You better watch out, Nessie! There's a new monster in town!


Legendary Primer - B is for Babe

Brian Ness

Legend has it that Babe was once just a little ox who couldn't see over a snowdrift. Paul Bunyan found the little guy and took him to camp, and there he grew and grew and grew. He grew so big that a crow took an entire day to fly from one horn to the other! Babe pulled an ice wagon down the newly-formed lumber roads but the tank sprung a leak. And that's how we ended up with the Mississippi!

Share your drawings, stories or other B characters! #legendaryprimer